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The Many Huetiful Hair Steamer Clones

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A few months ago we had a look at the Secura S-192, which to us looked very similar to the Huetiful hair steamer. A few weeks later we received the Aphrodite hair steamer, which again seemed very similar to the Huetiful model. Last week we finally got our hands on the famous Huetiful hair steamer (due to supply issues), and having had a close look at it we can say that all these models are virtually identical. A day or two ago we had an email asking us if we had ever seen or used an “O hair steamer” which we had never even heard of. A quick bit of googling revealed that it was a portable tabletop model, and again it looked almost exactly like the Huetiful model. So this made us wonder…How any of these clones were currently available? Did they have anything to set them apart, or are they virtually all the same? We take a look at some of them below to hopefully get some insight into this.
This post should also be helpful for anyone looking for info on where to buy the Huetiful hair steamer, which is currently out of stock virtually everywhere. According to their website it will be a few months before they get any back in stock, so perhaps some of the similar models below will be a good substitute.

Secura S-192 Hair Steamer

One of the first models we managed to review was the Secura S-192. This is without a doubt the most popular clone available, and it has mostly positive user reviews. Does this model have anything unique that can set it apart from the other choices? Not especially, there are only minor cosmetic differences, such as the blue color hood which looks a bit better in our opinion than the Huetiful one. With a much cheaper price however, it does seem like a more appealing choice. You can find more info on this model over here.

Aphrodite Ionic Hair Steamer

Another budget choice is the Aphrodite hair steamer. This costs a little bit more than some of the other clones, but there isn’t a whole lot to set it apart from the rest. The only main difference as far as we can tell are the control buttons at the bottom, which are laid out slightly differently to the other models. Like the Secura above it does have a light blue colored hood, and the base of the unit and the trim around the top of the water jar are also blue. In our eyes this is the best looking clone product. You can find more info on this model on the Amazon page.

O’Hair Steamer

Yet another option is the O’Hair Steamer. This particular model doesn’t seem to be for sale anywhere in America, but seems to be a popular choice on the Chinese markets. It is quite cheap, but due to the brittle design of these units we would not recommend attempting to have one of these shipped to you. Looking at the design of the product, it does appear identical to the Secura model, so there is nothing unique or interesting about this particular model.

Jannu Hair Steamer

Lastly we have the Jannu hair steamer. This is yet another very popular choice in Asian countries, but doesn’t seem to be available in the USA. Design wise it is identical to the O’Hair above and the Secura, as far as we can tell from the stock photos and images.


So those are some of the many different portable Huetiful clones you will find online. Having tested the first two listed models, we can safely say that performance is identical to the Huetiful model. All of those models did have the same faults as any other tabletop model, so for this reason alone we would suggest you look at getting a standalone model instead. However if your heart is set on getting a portable model, then some of the readily available models in the USA such as the Secura S-192 make for a much cheaper choice than the Huetiful. Otherwise feel free to take a look at our reviews section to give you an idea of what other models we can recommend.