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Sky Enterprise Hair Steamer Review

In recent years a number of budget standalone hair steamers have appeared on the market in response to the big demand for home use steamers. One such promising products is the Sky Enterprise Hair Steamer, which is aimed at being a budget professional hair steamer. With a retail price of under $100, it really does look like good value for money. But does the cheap price mean it has a poor build quality? Lets take a closer look at this below.

Product Features:
This is a fully standalone product, and has four wheels for easy mobility. The connecting post for the steamer is made out of metal, which looks and feels quite sturdy. The height of the hood is easily adjusted, and this is done via a knob on the main support. This steamer has settings for wind and heat, allowing you to control the volume of steam produced. The top of the hood has a built in steam release area, so you can open this if you feel like there is too much steam. It also has a built in timer which goes up to 60 minutes. The timer has a auto switch off function, and it also has a setting to shut down if the water tank becomes empty to prevent any damage to the unit. The plastic hood is adjustable to your preferred position head position, and it certainly provides more thorough coverage on your hair than the average tabletop steamer. This is classified as an “Extremely Low Noise” model, and the operation of the unit is very quiet so you can happily sit in front of the tv without having to use it at full volume which is handy!

The tank on this particular model will hold a fair amount of water, meaning you can use this machine continuously for around an hour, unlike some of the cheaper tabletop models which often only work for around 20 minutes before needing a refill. We should mention that you should stick to using distilled water with this steamer, to prevent any form on buildup in the tank. The time this model takes to heat up is quite fast, and it is generally ready to use in a minute or two. This unit is quite easy to assemble, and it comes with a instruction booklet and water jug to top it up. The included instructions that come with the steamer are very basic, but the pictures should give you a good idea of how everything fits together. We managed to put it together in around 10 minutes so this was easy enough.
With a retail price of under $100, this is a really good economic steamer which will do a great job at steaming your hair. In fact the price is close to many competing tabletop models, which does make this model seem like great value for money. In our eyes it seems like a good choice, so be sure to take a closer model if you are searching for a suitable steamer.


  • Great price
  • Adjustable height
  • Large hood with vent
  • Built in timer
  • Large tank


  • Assembly instructions could be better

We were quite impressed with the Sky Enterprise hair steamer. It is priced only slightly higher than a tabletop model, but comes with much more benefits such as a stand with wheels, and a far better hood. It is definitely worth a look, and is one of the best hair steamers for home use we have seen. As usual this model can be found on Amazon. You can see some of the reviews and check the latest price of this model over here.

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