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Secura S-192 Hair & Facial Steamer Review

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Since the debut of the popular Huetiful hair steamer there have been a number of similar products popping up on the market. One such model is the Secura S-192 Hair and Facial steamer which we are going to look at today. This model was without a doubt heavily inspired by the Huetiful, but is it a worthy choice? Lets take a look at this below.

Product Features:
The Huetiful steamer is undoubtedly the king of the tabletop hair steamers, but even today it is more expensive than some of the standalone ones! The reason being that it was one of the first commercial steamers that was made for home use, so the current price tag of $120+ is quite expensive today in comparison to some of the steamers available. If your heart is set on a tabletop hair steamer though, then the Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer could be a cost effective substitute. This is essentially a clone of the Huetiful steamer, while being a cheap hair steamer. It is a combination facial and hair steamer, and can even be used to humidify a room. There are two basic switches on this model, which are to switch the steam function on and off, and to control the Ozone output. The Ozone functionality claims to generate negatively charged oxygen, which in turn helps to prevent dandruff and fight itchiness.
The main cap is rather cheap and feels quite fragile when connecting it to the main unit, but it is stable enough when it is fitted. We have read reports of these head caps being broken in the post, so it does seem like they are quite brittle. You can however buy replacement units for around $20, so that is the good news.

This portable hair steamer generates an ultra fine mist which penetrates you hair quickly. The hood was a bit of a small fit for us, with the back of the head not being 100% covered.  You can tilt the hood backwards and forwards, so this helps a bit. As explained on our homepage, this is a bit of a design flaw in these kinds of tabletop models so we can’t fault Secura too much for that. When it comes to operating the steamer itself, the unit generally takes a minute to two to get ready to use. If you fill up the entire water reservoir, then it should take about 2:30 minutes before the steam will begin to appear. A full tank of water will give you around 20 minutes of steaming time, which should be more than enough to sort out your hair. Once the water quantity reaches a very low level the steamer will cut off automatically. This model produces a fair amount of steam, and is sufficient to cover your entire head providing you have scrunched up your hair at the back.
The included facial steamer attachment is pretty neat too. It simply clips in place of the hood, then you are ready to use it.  This little attachment allows you to remove oil, dirt and grime from your pores.
The size of the unit means it works well as a portable hair steamer, as it can be packed up and taken in the supplied box. Overall the Secura S-192 is a cheap and effective hair steamer. It does feel a little cheap, but for the price you can’t really complain. If you want a cheap tabletop steamer, then this is certainly a decent choice.


  • Cheap
  • Comes with facial steamer attachment
  • Quick warmup time
  • Ozone generator
  • Portable hair steamer


  • Hood feels brittle
  • Doesn’t fully cover entire head

There are one or two minor flaws with this steamer, but overall it is a cheap and effective model. In addition it comes with a facial steamer, which is a nice bonus. At the time of writing this model was for sale on Amazon, and you can go here to see if it still on sale at that price.

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