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Pibbs Hair Steamer Review

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Since this began we have looked at many different consumer models of hair steamers, so it is about time we looked at a salon quality steamer. The Pibbs Misty hair steamer machine is one such model, and is designed for heavy duty use and proper hair enthusiasts. With a retail price in the region of $600, it is mostly only affordable to businesses. But is it worth forking out that much money for one of these? Find out more below.

Product Features:
First up we should add that this particular model is made in Italy, unlike virtually every other hooded hair steamer we have seem which are often made in China. First up we are going to look at the overall build quality and design of this unit. The entire model comes in a 5 start caster base, which is finished in chrome. The wheels work very well, and the glide along the floor without any issues. There are two handles on the top of the unit, which make it very easy to move around. The stand of the unit is also finished in chrome, and feels very strong. Adjusting the height of the Pibbs steamer is very simple, and is done using the lever on the handle. The control panel of the machine is quit comprehensive compared to other standalone models. Firstly there is a built in 60 minute tower, which allows you to fine tune it to any number of minutes. There is also a steam intensity setting, which varies from one to ten. Just below these two switches is the opening to the water tank, which is how you fill it up with water. A very nice addition to this model is the measuring cup and funnel, which ensures you won’t spill any water when topping up this unit.

There is no mention of how big the included water tank is, but it will happily run for over an hour on the 10 steam setting. Also on the dashboard is the low level indicator light which will pop on when the water level is low. Below the various buttons and lights is a quick guide to popular uses for your steamer. This is a nice little touch, especially if you need a quick reference to how much time you should be spending to condition or color your hair. The hood itself is very large, and will accommodate any size head without any issues. There is a condensation catchment tank, which will catch all the stray water that runs off the hood. Built into the top of the hood are the steam vents, which will allow you to release some steam if necessary. The angle of the hood can be easily adjusted, but due to the big size of it there is often no real need for that. Overall the build quality feels really good, and everything feels solid and durable.

Now onto the operation of the unit. With a full tank of steam, it normally takes around 3 minutes of preheating before the unit will start working. Like most steamers, the volume of steam that appears at the back of your head is a little lacking on the lower steam setting of this machine. However when you push the setting up to 7 or above, then you get a really excellent flow of steam that covers your entire head. This model produces more steam than we have seen on any other unit, and the unit will happily run at this setting for a long time without running out of water. As mentioned earlier, the big hood ensures your entire head is sufficiently covered. This is one of the best hoods we have seen, and it doesn’t feel particularly paper thin or brittle like many of the tabletop steamers do. Even on the higher heat settings, there is no real sign of any water drippings. The included condensation catchment tank does a good job of collecting all the water, and you can empty it  out when you have finished. We were very impressed with the operation of this model, and thanks to the large hood you will get a great steam in no time.

So that is a quick look at the Pibbs Misty hair steamer. It is certainly the best hair steamer we have seen to date, but it does come at quite a price. For the average home user it will be far too expensive, but if you do happen to have that amount of money saved away for a steamer for hair, then there is certainly no better choice than this one.  It comes with a one year warranty


  • Looks great
  • Excellent build quality (Made in Italy)
  • Accurate timer
  • Heat intensity setting
  • Large tank
  • Large hood with condensation catchment


  • Very expensive

The Pibbs hair steamer is a fantastic quality product, and is designed to provide a good professional grade steam. However this kind of quality comes at a cost, and the retail price of around $600 is far out of reach of many consumers. For a hair salon steamer though, there is no better choice. If you are looking for a cheaper equivalent model for home use, then the next best choices are the Sky Enterprise or the Online Salon Store models.
You will find the Pibbs steamer currently for sale on Amazon over here.

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