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Online Salon Store Professional Wall Mounted Steamer Review

A couple of weeks ago we took at look at the great Professional Hair Steamer, made by Online Salon Store. We were thoroughly impressed by that particular model, and we still think it is a good buy. We noticed that they make a second hair steamer machine, which is the wall mounted kind, so this seemed like a good item to take a look at for anyone who is serious about their hair. But will it be as good as their other model? Is it worth the $200 retail price? Read on to find out more.

Product Features:
Since that last review we have learned that Online Salon Store tends to get hold of generic models, and slaps their brand name on them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, as many big name manufacturers do this all the time. It is a common practice, and is simply known as rebranding products. That is all well and good if the manufacturer can get their hands on a quality generic product such as their other steamer model. In this case though, it seems like this particular steamer is a bit of a dud. More on that below, but lets first take a look at the product and talk about some of the specifications.
This model has a large 30 ounce tank at the top, which will give you at least 60 minutes of usage time. The hood is rather large, and has a 11.75 inch diameter which is big enough to accommodate any size head. There are venting holes at the top of the hood to help the airflow of steam, and the hood is made out of tough acrylic plastic. There are a few controls on the main unit, including a timer and the ability of how much steam is used. Like most other decent models, this has a circuit overload protection in case the unit runs out of water. This means it will power off once the water level gets too low to prevent any damage to the unit. According to the product specifications it can extend a very far 64″ from the wall, and the height of the arm can be adjusted up or down.

Being a wall mounted model, it is somewhat difficult to install if you don’t have a handyman nearby. However even if you did have a handyman ready to help you, it almost seems like a waste of time. The reason for this is that with the model we received, the arm simply refused to adjust up or down at all when installed. This was further frustrated by the fact that the installation instructions were in a foreign language, and they included pictures which were of no help at all. The entire arm unit looks like it belongs on a different model to be honest, so clearly something isn’t right there. Now that was issue number one. Issue number two was that it seems our unit was a previous customer return since the unit was not packed properly at all, and there was still a tiny bit of water left in the reservoir. The manufacturer is likely not at fault for this, but more than likely the supplier who we got it from on Amazon.
Problem number 3 is that once we finally got everything setup (aside from the non adjusting arm) the steamer began to leak. Not a huge amount of water, but still enough to cause some major annoyance.
Messages to the seller on Amazon have proved fruitless a week later, so we are still waiting to find out about getting a replacement. We were thinking perhaps we were unlucky enough to get a bad model, but the many unhappy user reviews show that something is clearly wrong with this model.

We should note that we did not buy this direct from the manufacturer, but from a third part seller on Amazon. Perhaps this seller is simply trying to pass off old faulty units as new, but we can’t be certain of this. For now what we can say is to avoid this model, and rather go for a decent standalone model instead.


  • Well priced
  • Long arm reach
  • Large tank


  • Useless instructions
  • Missing / Incorrect parts
  • Leaks

Perhaps we received part of a bad batch of products, but this model is one to be avoided for now. There were incorrect or missing parts, the documentation was awful and the unit leaked when we finally got it setup. Rather spend your money on a decent standalone steamer for your hair. If you are still interested in this model then we strongly recommend you read some of the user reviews first to hopefully change your mind! Otherwise check out our Reviews section to look at some much more promising models.

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