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Huetiful Hair Steamer Review

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It seems a bit silly that we have yet to review the one particular model which started out the revolution in home hair steamers, but today that all changes as we finally take a close look at the Huetiful hair steamer. This particular model inspired a number of clones on the market, and was the first real product that provided an affordable means to steam your hair at home. But how does it compare against the many models on the market today? Can it still stand up to the competition? Lets take a look at his below.

Product Features:
A while ago we had a look at the Secura S-192, which seemed very similar to the Huetiful model. Having only seen and used the Huetiful model briefly in the past due to availability issues, we were aware of the similarities but didn’t realize how similar they actually were. From what we can now tell, the Secura is more or less a carbon copy of the Huetiful steamer. They appear to be identical, aside from the different colored hood and water tank. Nonetheless we decided to carry on with our review and testing as usual, to see if there were any internal or external operating differences.

The Huetiful hair and facial steamer was introduced to the market a few years ago, and is still a popular choice for many women today. This model is a tabletop steamer, so in order to use if you must find a suitable high surface it can sit on to give you the best results. The entire model is also quite compact, so it can also be classified as a portable hair steamer. Aside from steaming hair, there is also a facial steamer attachment included with this model. Swapping between the hood and the facial steamer is pretty easy, and this is a nice little bonus.
This model comes in a silvery white color, and the hood comes in a clear white color.
The machine is operated by the two buttons on the front of the machine, which are to switch it on or off and to turn the ozone on or off. When it is switched on with a full tank of water, it normally takes around 2 or 3 minutes to fully heat up and start producing steam. This is a little longer than we are used to, but is not entirely excessive. You will generally get around 20 minutes of usage out of a full tank, which should be just sufficient to give your hair a decent treatment. Once the water hits the minimum level then the the machine will automatically cut out.

The Ozone button claims to control “negatively released oxygen”, which in part controls dandruff and prevents itching. Not many other models have this feature built in, so we aren’t sure if this is a gimmick or not. Due to the included ozone feature, this model is also known as an 03 hair steamer to many people.
The build quality of the model is ok at best. The base of the unit is fairly light, and easy to move around. The hood of the unit is very light, and does not feel well made at all. If you were to drop this hood on the floor, then it is likely it would crack and get destroyed. Replacement hoods can be found for around $20, but it does give some idea of what the build quality is like. The hood can be adjusted slightly, but like other tabletop models it is not a great fit. It is certainly wide enough to fit any size head, but the nape of your neck is somewhat exposed so that is a bit of an issue. If they have extended it slightly more at the back like a standalone steamer it would be much better.

At this point you might be wondering how well it actually works, and it does an acceptable job of steaming your hair. The one thing we noticed when the Huetiful steamer was in use is that the steam mainly seems to appear at the very top and front of the hood. The steam is not quite as concentrated at the very back, but it is not enough of an issue to be concerned with as the steam does drift down a bit. If you want to get the maximum benefit, you will need to pin up your hair in any case due to the design with the back of the hood. The volume of steam produced however is fine, and enough is provided to give your hair a decent treatment. As we mentioned above you get round 20 minutes of usage out of the tank, which is what Heutiful claim. If you want any longer you will need to refill the tank, and start the whole process over again. It certainly doesn’t do a bad job of steaming your hair, but a standalone model would certainly provide a better overall experience.

With a current retail price of around $125, the Huetiful hair steamer does seem to be a bit of an outdated choice. The identical Secura S-192 is a much cheaper choice, and we would put money down that these two models are produced in the same factory but slapped with different stickers. At that price it is more than most of the standalone steamers, which are without a doubt better choice as most come with bigger water tanks, better designed hoods and there is no need for a surface to stand them on. For this reason alone, we find it very hard to recommend the Huetiful as a good investment right now. If your mind is made up on getting a tabletop hair steamer, then we would rather recommend the cheaper Secura S-192 as a better option.


  • Original home hair steamer
  • Portable
  • Does an acceptable job
  • Comes with facial steamer


  • Pricey
  • Feels cheap
  • Hood doesn’t fully cover head

The Huetiful hair steamer may have been a unique product a few years ago, but now it has been replaced by cheaper and better models. To spend the full retail price on this would be silly, when better and cheaper models are available. Still it does do what it claims to do, so we can’t mark it down too much. However our recommendation would be to save your money, and perhaps look at one of the better choices in our reviews section.
Otherwise if it still interests you, you can find out more about it on the Amazon product page

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