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Hair Steamer Benefits

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On our first post on this site we briefly discuss some of the advantages of using a hair steamer. However in order to keep things a bit shorter on the homepage, we made that section as condensed as possible. For those of you still wandering whether a hair steamer will provide any benefit to your hair we have decided to write a slightly more detailed post about this. So lets talk about some of the reasons why your hair will love you for getting a hair steamer!

Hygral Fatigue…? What is that?

So the first main benefit of a hair steamer is that it helps to prevent hygral fatigue. Now at this point you could be wondering exactly what that is, and the answer is generally to do with the constant washing of your hair. When you wash your hair, you hair can stretch up to 30% in length. Now the problem begins when your hair starts to dry, and contracts back to its original length. When your hair does this, it can split or even break. The constant stretching and contraction of the hair is what results in hygral fatigue. So how does a hair steamer help to prevent this? Essentially a hair steamer is the best way to revitalize your hair without having to go through the whole procedure again of washing and styling since you can simply skip this step all together. This results in healthier hair, and will save you a whole lot of time.

Better Cuticle Penetration

When it comes to coloring or conditioning your hair, then you certainly want the product to penetrate your hair as best as possible. When you steam your hair then the hair cuticle is gentle lifted and exposed, which tends to provide the best means to get to the hair cuticle. This leaves you with a salon style condition or hair treatment at home for a much more economical cost.

Easy Moisture Absorption

What happens to your hair when it gets dry? It gets brittle, which leads to breakages. The easy way to remedy this is by adding water, which restores the moisture balance to your hair. Again you don’t want to wash you hair too often to accomplish this, so the hydration hair steamers provide is the ideal means to do this. A quick 10 minute steam is the perfect way to keep the moisture levels in your hair at the optimal levels.

Retaining your current style

As we mentioned briefly above, a hair steamer is a great means to retain your current hairstyle without having to go through the rigorous routine of having to redo everything. Do you like to curl your hair? Then a hair steamer is a great way to retain the volume of the hair. Once you have a hair steamer, there is no real need to style your hair as much anymore. Simply steam your hair when required, and then you won’t need to wash and style your hair nearly as often.


So those are some of the benefits you will get from a hair steamer. For the investment of a decent model for around $80 or so, it is certainly something to think about. That is roughly four sessions in the salon, and that is simply the financial saving of it. There is also the time saving aspect of steaming your hair at home which is undoubtedly more convenient and  easier for many women.
If that makes a hair steamer more appealing to you, then check out our reviews section to look at some of our recommended models.