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Does steam help hair growth?

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We always love to get questions from our readers, and there is one particular question we have received a few times, so we feel it deserved an article for easier reference. This question in particular is does steam help hair growth? To put it simply, yes, steam does aid in hair growth. However it isn’t a simple black and white a topic, so be sure to read this whole post. We are going to outline why it benefits growth briefly below this, but you should also be careful as steaming can be damaging if not done correctly. More on this below.

Does steaming hair help it grow?
A hair cuticle stimulated by heat

We’ve already written about the many benefits of steaming your hair in an earlier article, and this is one point we missed out on in that article. But it does deserve it’s own post, as this is a hotly discussed topic. Hair steamers provide a fantastic way to apply moisture to not only your hair, but also to your scalp at the same time. By adding moist heat to the scalp, this encourages blood flow in the area. And good blood flow means promoted hair growth! Hair loss medication such as Minoxodil work by increasing blood flow to the hair cells, which helps aid in hair growth and regrowth in sparse areas of hair. A hair steamer does this naturally thanks to the heat it produces, without the use of any chemicals or man made products. At the same time the moisture also encourages the natural oils in your scalp to form, which provides a healthy and natural environment for hair growth. Overall it is a win win situation as you can see, and steaming your hair has several beneficial advantages to it.

Now we have made it sound like steaming your hair is the ideal means to promote hair growth. However…You must take care not to excessively steam your hair in order to promote the growth of hair. Too much steaming won’t affect the hair growth, but it can damage your hair in other ways. Steaming your hair too often can result in what is known as over saturation. This means that the hair absorbs too much moisture. This results in two issues – limp hair due to the weight of the moisture, and breakages since the hair is under strain due to the increased weight. Fortunately this is easy to avoid by simply sticking to a good steaming routine. Once or twice a week is more than sufficient to give your hair a good amount of moisture, without over doing it. We recommend getting into a good routine and sticking to it, as this will give you the best looking hair and optimal hair growth at the same time.


So we hope that answers that question. Like most things in life, moderate steaming is great for hair growth and it’s overall health. However doing it excessively can lead to some minor problems, so be sure to keep this in mind.