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Aphrodite Hair Steamer Review

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Following the release of the incredibly popular Huetiful hair steamer several years ago, a number of imitation products have appeared on the market. One such product is the Aphrodite hair steamer. This is no budget clone though, and has one or two features that sets it apart from the other clone models. So is it worth your hard earned cash? Keep reading to find out.

Product Features:
Aphrodite is a relative newcomer when it comes to beauty products, although this particular steamer has been available for a while now. There aren’t many reviews on this model, and it is actually quite hard to find a place that still sells this. Nonetheless it is a nice looking product. The base of the model is a baby blue color, and the section that holds the water jar in place is also a baby blue color. The hood itself is a light blue, and has a white trim around the edges. This makes for a nice contrasting design, and it is definitely one of the more attractive tabletop steamers we have seen.
The unit is operated by the two buttons and the base of it, which includes the off/steam switch and the ozone switch. For those of you who don’t know, most tabletop steamers come with a 03 ozone switch. This controls the release of negatively charged oxygen, which supposedly helps to fight issues such as dandruff and itching. There are some little leds next to each switch, which light up when that particular switch is in use.

Like most tabletop models, this unit has an included facial steamer. Swapping between the hood and the steamer only takes a couple of seconds, and the facial steamer seems to work well enough. Another feature is the steam control valves located at the top of the hood. If you feel like there is too much steam, you can open up these slots to release some. The hood itself doesn’t feel particularly strong or durable, but this seems to be a common problem with tabletop models. The rest of the unit is quite light and easy to move around. The water jar doesn’t hold that much water, and you won’t get more than 20 minutes of usage out of this model. Another unique feature with this model is the auto cutoff that features a built in beeper. Once the water level hits the low level, the machine will automatically start beeping and cut off.

The Aphrodite Ionic hair steamer generally takes around 2-3 minutes to warm up before it starts to steam. When you sit under it, you noticed the back of your head isn’t fully covered due to the shape of the hood. In addition to this most of the steam seems to come out of the very top and front, with a minimal amount coming out the back. Again this seems to be a bit of a design flaw with these tabletop steamers, as it is a common issue and not a problem with this specific model. An easy remedy is to bunch the hair up at the top of your head, so keep this in mind. The volume of steam produced is sufficient to give your hair a good dose of moisture, and does a decent job of conditioning your hair. When you are finished with the unit, is is quite easy to pack up and store away out of use.
So that is a quick look at the Aphrodite steamer. With a retail price of around $120, it is priced in the same range as the Huetiful steamer. Is it a better choice? That is hard to say, but it is certainly worthy of consideration. It suffers from most of the flaws that tabletop models suffer from however, and for this reason we suggest you look at a standalone steamer instead.


  • Nice design
  • Heat release valves on hood
  • Easy to use
  • Does a decent job


  • Pricey
  • Hood doesn’t cover back of head
  • Lack of steam at back

For a tabletop steamer, the Aphrodite ionic steamer is a decent choice. It does do a decent job of steaming your hair, but it is a little on the pricey side. Rather invest in a standalone model if you can, as many of them are now cheaper than tabletop models. You can find the Aphrodite steamer currently for sale on Amazon over here, otherwise take a look at our reviews section for some better standalone model choices.

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